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Staying Together For the Sake of the Children

This week has been Resolution’s Family Dispute Resolution Week. Resolution is an organisation made up of 6,500 family lawyers and related professionals in England and Wales. Their guiding principal is approaching family law matters in a non-confrontational and collaborative way.

The purpose of this week has been to highlight the need for a less combative approach to family law. Resolution want to raise awareness of the impact divorce can have upon children and stress that parents should always put the needs of their children first when going through a separation.

Children in Divorce

Divorce can be devastating for a family and can be particularly painful and upsetting for any children who are involved.

Resolution recently commissioned a poll of young people aged 14-22 who had been through a parental separation or divorce. One of the most interesting results was that 82% of the young people surveyed said that they felt it was better for their parents to separate, rather than stay together and be unhappy.

Although separating parents are likely to be anxious about the impact it may have upon their children, the survey highlighted that 47% of children did not understand what was going on throughout the divorce and 19% of children felt responsible for divorce at times.

This suggests that if a relationship has broken down then it can be better for parents to separate rather than stay together for the sake of their children. However, parents should be conscious of the way they conduct their divorce to make sure they cause as little distress to their children as possible.

Non-Confrontational Divorce

Although television and film might like us to believe otherwise, it is possible to avoid a stressful and expensive court room battle.

There are several options available to a separating couple, depending on your particular circumstances. Many couples, whether they are married, civil partners or cohabitants, begin the process with a Minute of Agreement, more commonly referred to as a separation agreement.

This allows you to settle the day-to-day practicalities that come with separating from someone you have been living with, including childcare, debts and the mortgage. A Minute of Agreement is arrived at through a period of negotiation and collaboration, not by arguing in a court room. This means that you are able to reach a settlement that suits both parties.

A Minute of Agreement can make a future divorce easier and less expensive.

If you have no children under the age of sixteen, and can agree about the terms of your divorce, then a simplified divorce may be an option you wish to pursue.

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