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New Adoption Service to Aid Scots Families

A new adoption service is being created in the hope of improving links between children and foster families. Following the closure of the British Association for Adoption (BAAF) and Fostering, Children's Minister Aileen Campbell announced that The Adoption and Fostering Alliance Scotland (AFAS) will be stepping in to cover services.

The AFAS will handle the training, consultancy and a helpline for the public and professionals, as well as be responsible for the smooth transition from BAAF Scotland. The changes to the Scottish adoption operation comes following St Andrew's Children's Society being appointed to run Scotland's Adoption Register in July and a £75,000 investment in adoption services in Scotland.

Adoption Changes in Scotland

While there have been a number of changes in the operation of the adoption services in Scotland recently, the government and others are hoping that the changes will aid the results seen in the sector.  There was concern that the collapse of the BAAF would result in a decline in the number of adoptions. Fostering, Children's Minister Aileen Campbell said: "We know that having a secure, stable and supportive home is vital to a child's well-being. When children are no longer able to live at home, it is vital that there are effective services in place with knowledgeable, confident professionals who can support children into appropriate, alternative care placements.

"The importance of maintaining the services that match and keeps them together is clear. It impacts the young person's mental and physical health, improves their performance in school and sets them on the road to a successful and fulfilling life, and this must be a priority for us all."

Rhona Pollock, Legal Consultant at AFAS, said: "We are delighted to be able to offer an independent, multi-disciplinary Scottish voice that supports those involved with children and families and those affected by adoption, fostering and kinship care.

"We will strive to promote permanently better lives for children in Scotland and look forward to working with other agencies in achieving this."

Dr Susan Dewar of the Scottish Medical Adviser’s Forum said: “From the health perspective it is essential to have access to advice, support, guidance and training that is both expert and independent in the field of adoption and fostering in Scotland.

“We are delighted that the Scottish Government has acted so swiftly following the demise of BAAF to ensure that this level of expertise is retained and that through AFAS a dedicated service will be available in the future to support all those professionals working with and for Scotland’s most vulnerable children and young people.”

Adoption in Scotland: Using a Solicitor

At Family Law Edinburgh, our team of specialist family solicitors can aid you in any adoption process or some of the trickier legal issues that can arise when finalising an adoption. Adoption can be an exceptionally complex process with the natural parents potentially involved throughout proceedings. Therefore, it is often important to contact a solicitor and get advice that is suitable for you and your case.

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