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Scotland failing fostered children

The Fostering Network has warned the Scottish Government that if it fails to give fostered children proper financial support then these children will not have their essential needs met.

All foster carers receive a weekly allowance which is designed to cover the costs of caring for a fostered child, from clothing to food and toys to books.

However, a new survey by the charity has found that in 2011-12, two out of three local authorities gave their foster carers allowances below the Fostering Network’s recommended rates. Over half (53%) did not increase their allowances at all from the previous year, despite the rise in the cost of living.

As a result, fostered children across much of Scotland are either missing out on having their basic needs catered for or foster carers are subsidising the state. This is particularly damaging at a time when more children than ever are being fostered in Scotland and over 1,000 more foster families are needed in 2012 alone.

The Fostering Network is now urging the Scottish Government to introduce a statutory minimum allowance for all fostered children and to ensure that local authorities are properly funded to pay this rate to all foster carers.


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