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Divorce Affecting Scottish Businesses

A group of expert Scottish lawyers have warned that divorce and separations are affecting Scottish businesses.

Consensus Collaboration Scotland estimated that divorce and separations cost the Scottish economy over £40 million a year with the emotional fallout affecting productivity and those working in the country.

Research carried out by family law specialists Resolution found that at least 15% of the 4,000 working adults surveyed had to take time off work due to a breakdown of a relationship, with one in six admitting that their work suffered as a result of their breakup.

No Support From Employer

Despite many of those surveyed being affected by their relationship strife, only 8% of those affected said that their boss offered support on the matter with 34% of those who had suffered a break up believing that not enough help was offered.

The survey comes after evidence from the University of Essex found that the living standards of children and their mothers fall below that of their fathers following separation, as mentioned in our previous blogs.

Over 70% of Scottish workers have been through a breakup, or a know someone who has had a divorce.

Look Out For Warning Signs

Marc Lopatin, the founder of Lawyer Supported Mediation, said: “ Given the frequency and profound impact of divorce on mental health, it’s clear that human resources departments need to go beyond simply signposting staff, for example, to family mediation or brokering discounted legal fees.

He added: “The truth is that workplace stress needs to be given far greater attention by most employers than it currently is.”

Stacy Fox, spokesperson for Resolution, the group that carried out the survey said: “It can be easy to forget that sometimes things going on outside of work have a profound effect on what happens within it, as these figures show.

“With workers across Britain seeing a notable impact on productivity, taking sick leave, or even leaving their jobs altogether, divorce and separation is an issue that bosses need to take seriously and look out for the warning signs.

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