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Survey into the reasons for divorce

According to a recent survey of counseling professionals from, communication problems, followed by sexual infidelity and "not spending enough time together/not mutually prioritising the marriage" are the main reasons for marriage failure and divorce.

Consistent with the results of a recent UCLA study, 80% of those surveyed agreed that a bride's pre-wedding doubts are a harbinger of divorce, while 86% of experts agree that prenups have no predictable impact on a couple's likelihood to divorce.

The survey also found that:

  • 65% of experts say 25-50% of married couples who attend couples therapy end up getting divorced.
  • 76% of experts polled say that of divorcing couples, most of the time one person—not both—wants the divorce.
  • 57% of experts say that less than 25% of divorces are amicable.


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