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Why couples clash

American companies XO Group and Chase Card Services have announced the results of an across-lifestage survey titled "Why Couples Clash" exploring the sources and frustrations behind couples' financial clashes.

The survey found that more than half (55%) of engaged couples have tiffs over whether their wedding is the best way to spend the money they have. Of the couples who clash about money and finances, about half fight because they don't have the budget to have the wedding they want, so each and every planning detail becomes stressful to them.

When parents contribute financially to the wedding, things can also get heated. Among couples where family politics has caused issues, 22% fought because their parents were giving them money for the wedding and then thought that gave them license to help plan, too.

Three out of four married couples also disagree about money and expenses, and nearly half of these couples (45%) do so because they want nice things but don't have the budget for them, and 41% disagree on where to spend their money.

Among married couples who argue about expenses, nearly one out of three wives say they are more frugal than their partners.

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