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Family well-being around the world

An analysis has recently been published on family well-being across high and low income countries around the world.

Child Trends partnered with scholars at the universities of Virginia and Maryland, and with universities and think tanks around the world, to summarise data on family strengths and challenges, and educational outcomes for children.

The World Family Map Report findings include:

  • In the majority of middle- and higher-income countries, children in two-parent families have more positive educational outcomes than those in single parent or no parent homes (accounting for socioeconomic differences).
  • In lower-income countries, children in single-parent families do just as well or better on a number of educational outcomes than those living with two parents.
  • Two-parent families are becoming less common, especially in higher income countries, as marriage rates fall; nevertheless, a majority of the world's children still live in homes with two parents.
  • Most adults believe that working mothers can establish just as good relationships with their children as stay-at-home mothers.


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