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Mum knows best

A survey of over 1000 UK parents has shed light on how parents share child-rearing roles, with mothers overwhelmingly in charge.

The research, by AXA Business Insurance, looked at how parents share responsibility for bringing up their children.

There were key differences between the sexes, the first being a disagreement about who is in charge of parenting.

Dads think they have far more involvement than Mums give them credit for. Mums felt they led the parenting in six out of 12 different categories and the other six were shared equally, whilst Dads thought eleven out of 12 categories were equally shared.

Where one parent took the lead, Mums led every single category bar the 'fun' one of running sport and hobbies.

Both sexes agreed that Mums were much more active in teaching various skills and behaviours whereas Dads were more passive and tended to wait until an issue came up before tackling it.

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