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Police to Tackle Domestic Abuse At Christmas

Edinburgh Police are targeting domestic abusers as part of their Christmas crackdown after figures revealed that police deal with 15 incidents a day in the capital. .

Common assaults linked to domestic abuse rose by 78% last year with the issue posing a significant problem across Scotland. On average police attend a domestic incident in Scotland every nine minutes.

On The Rise At Christmas

Figures released as part of the crackdown revealed that domestic incidents account for half of all police call-outs over the festive period in Scotland’s capital, with money pressure and alcohol over the festive period often adding to the amount of domestic abuse seen.

The clampdown on domestic abuse has seen police officers ensure those who are on bail remain in court imposed restrictions on their movement with preemptive strikes and restrictive moments coming into effect to try and prevent as much violence as possible.

Superintendent Liz McAinsh said that the police were doing all they could to ensure safety over the holiday period, with police officers “committed” to tackling the problem.

She said: “We see a rise in reported incidents at this time, many that are fueled by too much alcohol, so in addition to carrying out enforcement activity we are working with social work and health colleagues to ensure assistance is provided to partners and families.

“Our message is that we will not tolerate domestic abuse or violence in any form and will continue to lock up those responsible and bring them to justice. I would ask people to help by reporting concerns they see and hear to us.”

Failed by Scottish Courts

The crackdown on domestic crime in Scotland comes amid figures from a freedom of information request that according to critics show that victims of domestic abuse are being failed by Scottish Courts.

The figures show that domestic abuse cases are taking longer to settle due to cutbacks in the Scottish court system with cases in Glasgow’s domestic abuse court taking twice as long as expected. On average last years cases took 16 weeks to finalise rather than the expected eight, with one case taking over 75 weeks.

Kim Leslie, convener of the Law Society: "The impact of a delay on a victim is extraordinary.

"Justice delayed is justice denied. It is very stressful going to court for most of us.

"The idea of having to wait longer for your case to be heard can only be putting pressure on victims, witnesses, everyone involved in the process."

13 courts closed in Scotland this year with a further four expected to close in early 2015.

The Scottish Court Service believes that court closures and cutbacks are not the main reason for cases taking longer, but have invested more since the figures were released to try and speed up proceedings.

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