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Adoption is the legal process that leads to the creation of a parent – child relationship and the adopted child will be treated in law as if they were born of the person or couple they are adopted by. If an adoption order is made by the court then then birth parents no longer have parental rights and responsibilities as these are transferred to the adoptive parent. An adoption must be in the child’s interests and a court will not make an adoption order unless they consider it to better for the child that the order is made than not made.

The governing legislation is The Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007. The Sheriff who makes the decision takes into account many factors. If the child is of sufficient age to do so then their views will be taken into account. The natural birth parents may still be involved with the child and issues such as whether they should continue to have contact with the child after any adoption will also be considered. Often the adoption process may be instigated by a step parent who wishes to fully adopt the child.

Family law issues are often delicate but there can be the need for even more sensitivity when children are involved. Family Law Edinburgh appreciate this and provide clear and confidential advice at all times. Our trusted solicitors can guide you through the legal adoption process.

Who Can Adopt?

You must normally be over the age of 21 to adopt a child. When a couple are looking to adopt they must be married, civil partners or cohabitants in an enduring family relationship. It is also possible for single people to adopt.

Except in cases where the child is deemed incapable of consenting, a child over the age of 12 will be required to consent before an adoption order will be granted by the court.

Am I Too Old to Adopt?

There is no upper age limit on adopting a child in Scotland. However, adoption agencies will look at a prospective adopter’s health as part of the process.

Adoption Order

An adoption order is applied for in court. Our solicitors can assist you with any legal documentation or representation you need at this stage of the process. The court will always look to do what is best for the child and will try to secure a steady and supportive family for the child to grow up with.

Adoption Lawyers in Edinburgh, Scotland

Adopting a child is a significant step. We are a caring, friendly and supportive team of Edinburgh family lawyers. At Family Law Edinburgh our specialist family lawyers can assist you through each step of the adoption process.

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