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Child Custody Solicitor Edinburgh

Family Law Edinburgh are a team of friendly and trusted local lawyers who are highly experienced in dealing with all aspects of child custody and child contact. Find out how we can help by contacting us today. You can call us on 0131 322 1692 or complete our online enquiry form.

Family Law Edinburgh appreciate that when a relationship breaks down the largest impact can often be felt by the children. Clearly it is paramount that the interests of the children are given greatest priority during the process of change that follows on from separation and divorce. Issues such as where the children will actually live and with which parent are of crucial importance. Our family lawyers can help with the process of putting in place arrangements that allow the best interests of your child to be served.

Our compassionate and experienced team provide expert legal guidance on a wide range of child law issues, including adoption and child abduction.

Child Residence and Contact Advice

Lengthy court cases can flow from situations where parents are unable to agree on issues such as residence and contact. Such hearings can be emotionally draining and we make every effort to put in place agreements that prevent such stress for our clients. However, if agreement cannot be reached then we act to ensure that our client’s rights and interests, along with those of the children, are protected and promoted.

Residence Arrangement For Your Child

Residence arrangements centre on where the child or children will live. This can be a full time arrangement or can be a shared arrangement between the parents. Also, contact arrangements need to be put in place for the parent who does not have residence, as long as it is deemed to be in the interests of the child to have contact which is usually the case. If such matters cannot be agreed then a Sheriff would need to make such decisions after hearing evidence from all relevant parties.

Get Legal Advice On Child Issues Today

At Family Law Edinburgh we have extensive experience of all matters relating to residence and contact issues following relationship breakdown. We appreciate that such matters are vitally important to you and we act on that basis.

Contact out solicitors today on 0131 322 1692 or complete our online enquiry form.

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