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Separation Agreement Lawyer Edinburgh

Separation Agreement Solicitor EdinburghA separation agreement allows a separating couple to settle the day to day aspects of separation, such as finances and child care. Having an agreement in place can make a future divorce faster and less expensive.

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When a couple separates, the practicalities of separation immediately come to the forefront. Issues such as paying the mortgage, paying debts, childcare issues and all manner of day to day needs require to be considered. You may be unsure about what will happen to savings and assets such as your car or house. This uncertainty can make a painful time even more difficult.

This is where a Minute of Agreement, often called a separation agreement, can help to clarify your situation and help you to move forwards.

Quite simply, a separation agreement expresses the terms of your separation. Common issues settled within a separation agreement are financial provisions, childcare, property and pensions.

Splitting Property when You Separate

Whilst it is possible, depending on your circumstances, to separate or divorce without involving a solicitor, this area of law can be complex and confusing. Indeed, many people will come to an informal agreement about what is to happen to their property when they separate.

However, you may prefer to have a specialist family solicitor with years of separation expertise on your side when you are deciding what will happen to your assets such as your house, car, money and pension. The period after a separation can be very difficult and you may want to have the terms set out in a mutually agreed and legally enforceable document.

Minute of Agreement

A Minute of Agreement is often used as an alternative to divorce, but it can also be used to settle things until you get around to divorcing. If a separation agreement is in place then a later divorce will often be cheaper and easier.

It is important to remember that when properly drafted and signed, a separation agreement is likely to be a legally binding document. These documents can be enforced by the courts so you may want to consult with an experienced lawyer before you enter into one.

Our trusted legal team have years of experience in drafting these documents and can help you to find an arrangement that works for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Why Opt for a Separation Agreement?

There are many benefits attached to a separation agreement, including:

  • Avoiding a courtroom battle – Understandably, many couples are keen to avoid court as much as they possibly can. A separation agreement allows you to work together rather than have a court decide how your property should be split.
  • Mutual agreement – A separation agreement is exactly that: an agreement. You and your former partner can work together, with the help of solicitors, to find an arrangement that suits you both. As long as negotiation is possible, this process may help you to find the best arrangement for you.
  • Easier divorce – Having a Minute of Agreement in place can help to make an eventual divorce easier as many of the matters will have been settled already. This means that if you decide to divorce at a later date it may be cheaper and easier than it would have been without a separation agreement.

Separation Agreement Advice from Family Law Edinburgh

A separation agreement can help to bring clarity after a separation. Family Law Edinburgh are a trusted and respected family team based in the centre of Edinburgh. We are friendly and caring family lawyers who can guide you through the separation process.

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