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Adopters Overlook Older Children in Favour of Younger According to Study

Research has revealed that children above the age of four are overlooked for adoption in favour of babies and toddlers.

The new research comes from Barnardo’s Scotland and found that babies and toddlers were far more likely to be adopted than older children. The stats were published in their report titled Too Old at Four?

Adoption Research Findings

The research found that between the age of four and five, children wait much longer to find a new family than children who are younger. On average children who enter care before their first birthday wait two years to be adopted; by the time they turn five they will wait more than three years to be adopted.

Martin Crewe, director of Barnardo’s Scotland, said: “Older children wait nearly 50% longer than babies to be matched with their adoptive families.

"The sooner we can find stable, loving families to care for them, the sooner they can begin to fulfil their potential.

The statistics come following concern over a collapse of the British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) with many people speculating that such a collapse will result in even more children struggling to find a family.  BAAF closed in July but a number of the services have been transferred over to relevant services with the Scottish adoptions being handed over to the Adoption and Fostering Alliance Scotland.

Going Through an Adoption

Following an adoption, birth parents no longer have parental responsibility to the child with a new link essentially being created by the court. However, such a process can be exceptionally difficult to negotiate through and can be time-consuming. Naturally this is to be expected with such an important decision. During the court ruling, the Sheriff will take into account many factors, such as if the child is of sufficient age to have their own views, and if they should be taken into account. The natural birth parents may still be involved with the child and, as a result, some issues may arise especially if they still wish to have contact with the child after the adoption. All of these factors must be considered. Therefore, we believe you should have appropriate representation with you to ensure that you get the best possible legal advice throughout.

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We understand that adoption can be an exceptionally difficult decision to make with a child having a significant effect on your life. Naturally we understand that many people do not want to rush into an adoption. Therefore, our team of expert family solicitors can provide you with any advice you may need and answer any questions you may have.

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