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Why is There No Such Thing As Gay Adultery in the UK

A woman is campaigning for a change in the law after she was unable to divorce her husband of 20 years on grounds of adultery as he only had affairs with men.

Under the UK, law adultery does not count if the person has had sex with a member of the same sex. The woman, who spoke on BBC Radio 4 while hiding her identity attempted to obtain a divorce citing adultery but was informed by her lawyer that she was unable to. She was instead forced to cite unreasonable behaviour as the reason for divorce with adultery not being an option as he only had affairs with the same member of sex.

Although she opted to divorce him under unreasonable behaviour and that such a citation did not affect the financial outcome when separating she is still attempting to reform the law as she is in the minority of people who: "care hugely about the betrayal and want to know that somebody somewhere has recognised that".

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