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High Profile Celebrity Couple Divorce

Celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have announced that they will be getting a divorce following almost ten years of marriage.

The announcement came following a joint statement on the matter after the mainstream had reported a potential divorce. The couple, who have three children, have confirmed that Affleck will continue to live separately on the same property as Garner for the sake of his children and the family.

According to multiple media sources, the couple is worth at least $150 million and announced their divorce a day after their tenth wedding anniversary. According to numerous sources, the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement but will work with managers, business managers and mediators to negotiate their settlements from the divorce. It has already been announced that they have agreed to share custody of their three children.

The negotiation process could take a relatively long time as although Ben Affleck has had more success on the big screen, a substantial amount of capital comes from syndication from Garner’s former show Alias. The negotiations may also be drawn out over the numerous properties owned by the couple with an LA ranch, a Manhattan apartment, a ski chalet and an 83-acre estate in Georgia.

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Cohabitees keep their financial distance

Brits are treading warily with their finances when they decide to cohabit with a new partner, new research from online bank first direct has revealed. The findings show that for the majority, financial commitment is not on the agenda with couples keeping their distance in their money and property arrangements.

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